Hour of Power Australia


Hour of Power is the longest running one-hour weekly program on Australian commercial television. Every month thousands of people write to the Ministry requesting materials, supporting the work, requesting prayer or help in many different ways.

The Australian Ministry is entirely supported by donations from Australian viewers and their financial support is used to maintain and expand the Ministry in Australia. These supporter donations are largely based on Club membership, each with various levels of support.

These include:

Diamond Eagles – $2880 per year / $240 per month
Gold Eagles – $1440 per year / $120 per month
Silver Eagles – $720 per year / $60 per month
Growing 5000 – $300 per year / $25 per month
Possibility Partners – $180 per year / $15 per month.

All Clubs receive quarterly packages consisting of Dr Schuller�s weekly sermons, the Hour of Power newsletter, Powering Ahead, promotional information and special offers.

Diamond, Gold and Silver Eagles and Growing 5000 Club members receive special gifts in addition to the sermons.

The Ministry has achieved many milestones in its Australian history.



When Hour of Power began in Australia in October 1976, Sunday morning was available for religious broadcasts. Hour of Power was suitably scheduled late Sunday mornings, and quickly established itself as one of the highest rating religious programmes. Australians, like Americans, were appreciative of Dr Schuller’s ability to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ in a positive way. Dr Schuller has based his Ministry on the philosophy of “Find a need and fill it, find a hurt and heal it”.


Dr Schuller was invited by the Combined Churches of Sydney to be their special guest to address rallies in the Sydney Town Hall and Opera House and to also run a School for Successful Church leadership to celebrate the inauguration of the Uniting Church of Australia


Supporters of Hour of Power took up the challenge in their thousands to enable the Australian Ministry to be totally self funded and self supporting by joining a uniquely Australian donor club, the Growing 5000. The Growing 5000, in which Australians pledged their monthly support, provided the necessary funds to maintain the television Ministry.


Over 140 Australians travelled to Garden Grove, California to participate in the dedication service of the Crystal Cathedral and worshipped in the East balcony, affectionately known as the Australian balcony.


Dr Gordon Powell officially opened the Ministries’ new building in North Sydney, which continues to serve as the Australian headquarters. Within 3 years of its opening, and with pledges of support completed, the building was owned without debt by the Ministry.


Hour of Power was dropped from its Australian national network television timeslot and for two and a half years no other time was available in most of the cities around Australia, the work of the Ministry seemed limited. However the programme’s popularity, and the quality help it provided, meant alternative ways of receiving Hour of Power had to be pursued. People used video and audio cassettes, radio and regional television to tune into Hour of Power. Finally in February 1991, the Ten Network offered a national outlet for Hour of Power. Even though the timeslot offered was 5.00am, the audience started to grow again.


In 1990 Rev.Dr. Sir Alan Walker was Dr. Schuller’s special guest in the Crystal Cathedral on Hour Of Power to celebrate the ministries 24-hour nation wide New Hope telephone counselling service. New Hope was inspired by Australia’s Life Line telephone counselling service started by Sir Alan Walker in Australia in 1963.

An era of new technology gave Hour Of Power the opportunity to find a variety of methods to reach persons with a positive Christ centred message of hope and help.

In 1994 Dr. Schuller launched Internationally Hour Of Power in the Cinema. Cinemas in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast regularly screened Hour Of Power in this new exiting format.

During his 1994 visit to Australia Dr. Schuller spoke to thousands of ministry supporters in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney and was special guest at a reception luncheon at NSW Parliament House.

By 1997 Hour Of Power became available world wide and in Australia with the advent of the Internet. As people have connected to the Internet streaming of the Hour Of Power has become another viewing alternative.

By the end of the 90’s cable and satellite television was available across Australia and Hour Of Power was being aired through the Australian Christian Channel.
2000 and Beyond

Today more satellite and cable opportunities have become available for Hour Of Power with all networks now including Hour Of Power in their weekly programs.

Many viewers are choosing to use e-mail as their preferred way to contact the ministry.

In 2002, Dr. Schuller was again in Australia to launch “Power for the Future”. This was a campaign to find the funds needed to promote Hour Of Power so many people would find their weekly source of inspiration and encouragement. During this visit Dr. Schuller spoke at supporters dinners and gatherings in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. In Canberra Dr. Schuller was invited to be guest speaker at the Federal Parliament prayer breakfast.

Dr. Schuller invited Australian photographer, Ken Duncan to do the photography for the always popular Possibility Thinkers calendar in 2003 and 2004. Ken also featured the Crystal Cathedral campus in his special edition of his pictorial book “America Wide”.

Hour Of Power continues its record-breaking ministry in Australia and is participating in the 50th anniversary of the Crystal Cathedral ministries. On June 26th 2005, the Australian ministries was especially recognised in the service at the Crystal Cathedral and Hour Of Power.
Other Visits to Australia by Dr Schuller

October, 1980
August, 1981
January, 1988
August, 1994
August, 2000