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Pastor Bobby continues his sermon series entitled “God’s Names for His Children.” In the Bible are more than 600 names that God gives to His children, all with special and unique meanings. Pastor Bobby teaches that discipleship is the inheritance of freedom we receive by leaving the old names that others have given us and living in a new name from God. Today’s message: “You Are a Drafted Soldier.”

Hour of Power 50th Anniversary Clip – On June 6, 1993, pianist Olga Vasiljeva performed “Fantaisie Impromptu in C# Minor”. This performance aired in Hour of Power program #1218.

Branden Harvey is a storyteller and creator who founded Good Good Good, an organization of people fighting fear and hate while focusing on the good in the world and how we can become part of it. He is the host of the podcast Sounds Good, the creator of the Goodnewspaper, a quarterly printed newspaper dedicated to telling only good stories, and the visionary behind an online community of over 250,000 world changers. For more information on the Goodnewspaper, visit goodnewspaper.org.

Aaron Al-Imam is a vocalist from Orange County, California. A music education major from Vanguard University, Aaron teaches private piano and vocal lessons. He is currently a member of His Place church in Westminster, California, where he is the worship team and ignite youth pastor. Today, Aaron performs, “Overcome” (comp: Chris Brown; Mack Brock; Steven Furtick). He is accompanied by Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

Preston Parker is a reoccurring worship leader here at Hour of Power and has toured and performed with numerous choirs and organizations locally and internationally. He has also been featured performing on shows like The Oscars and The Ellen DeGeneres show. Today, Preston performs “Pleasing” (comp: Carol Cymbala; Brandon Camphor; Bradley Knight; Jammal Graham; orch: M. Riley). He is accompanied by Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

The Hour of Power Choir, directed by Dr. Irene Messoloras, goes virtual and performs “A Song of Peace” (comp: Lloyd Stone; Jean Sibelius; arr: J. Carl). The choir is accompanied by Zeljko Marasovich on organ and Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

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