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The Command to “Chill Out”

“Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.” 

– Exodus 20:8

Today, I want to continue our discussion about Sabbath rest. Not only was Shabbat an important part of Jewish culture, it was and is a reflection of God’s heart, so much so that He included its remembrance in the Ten Commandments. Now the commandments are a set of ten fundamental spiritual laws that were given to the Lord’s people as a direct reflection of His character, His priorities, and His goodness. Then and still today, there is no separating them from the One who wrote them on the tablet of human hearts. 

The command to Shabbat speaks to Jehovah’s deep knowledge of our need to slow down. You see, the Sabbath was not only a day set aside by God for His own honor, it was also given to recognize the juxtaposing limits and potential of being human. From the beginning, the day of rest symbolized that people are not slaves or machines; they are living, breathing reflections of the Lord’s heart, and they need to be refreshed in order to create and be productive. Unfortunately, we often put the cart before the horse in our achievement-oriented society that values industry, profit, and efficiency above all else. This is why it’s imperative to understand and live by the truth that rest is part of our DNA — it’s just as necessary as food and water!

Friend, to honor the Sabbath means to pray, to play, to learn, and to justchill”! When you set aside a day to connect with Jesus through prayer, to do things that are joyful, to study and learn the Word of God, and to simply “chill out,” you will experience the essence of being made in the image of your Creator. Don’t feel guilty about sitting in a rocking chair and sipping a glass of iced tea or laying down on the couch to daydream, because you were made for those things! No matter what your own mind, your boss, your family or your friends are telling you, it’s okay to rest; in fact, it’s the only way to reach your full potential! Isn’t that an interesting and paradoxical thought? 


Thank you, Jesus, for the command to “chill out” and rest. Although I often overlook its importance, I acknowledge that I need to slow down in order to live the life you intended for me.


How do you “chill out”? When will you take your next Sabbath rest?

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