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Embrace Change

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

– Ecclesiastes 3:1

As humans, we don’t like change. Therefore, we often fail to recognize and embrace the necessity of endings. Yet the truth is that if we want to be people who constantly press forward and grow into the good things God has for us, we will be faced with transitions that require us to intentionally close our current chapter. Though this is a natural part of life, the shifting of seasons inevitably brings feelings of loss and anxiety, so many of us shy away from it. When we seize change — whether it’s switching jobs, joining a new church, or walking away from a toxic relationship — it causes mixed emotions. As Christians, we know that God is constantly making things new, so when He leads us forward, it’s exciting. On the other hand, a different assignment can be stressful because it means that we have to leave familiar places and people behind. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t let unpleasant feelings keep us from moving into the Lord’s very best for our future. Staying in one place too long can mean we’re stuck, and if there’s one thing life in the Kingdom of God is not, it’s stagnant. Walking with Jesus bears the best fruit when we tune our hearts to His will, submit our seasons to Him, and follow Him in full assurance of faith, even when He closes a door. 

My friend, you are God’s child, and He delights in holding your hand and leading you forward. Remaining in the center of His good and perfect plan means that you will face endings and transitions, but you can embrace them with the confidence that He has gone before you to lay the groundwork for His favor. While change is never comfortable, staying put can cause you to miss out on His greatest blessings. Abundant life becomes you when you seek His best for your future, explore uncharted opportunities, and boldly answer your Savior’s call to enter a new season, whenever and however it sounds. 


Jesus, when you call me to end something in my life, help me to hear your voice and follow your lead.


Is there anything God is calling you to end? If so, lift that situation up to Jesus right now and ask for His wisdom.


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