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The Light of Divine Love

“‘Do not kill them,’ he answered. ‘Would you kill those you have captured with your own sword or bow? Set food and water before them so that they may eat and drink and then go back to their master.’”

– 2 Kings 6:22

I love the Biblical hero Elisha. His life was not only that of a prophet but of a miracle worker, and he always used his divinely-granted power to point people to God’s heart. Of all the amazing accounts of his ministry recorded in Scripture, one of my favorites is found in 2 Kings 6, which takes place when the armies of Aram were at war with Israel. Since the prophet had supernatural knowledge, he kept alerting the Jewish king as to where the enemy troops were so he could move Israel’s armies away from them. The King of Aram, frustrated by his inability to hone in on his target, told his men to stop at nothing to find Elisha. However, when the soldiers finally “pinned him down,” the man of God caused blindness to fall on all of them. In fact, some scholars believe it was a stupor or a haze that came over their minds, and having taken temporary leave of their senses, he was able to lead them straight into the heart of Samaria. Once they were in the middle of the city and surrounded by the Isrealites, their sight was restored. While this could have been a moment of reckoning for the Arameans, Elisha instructed the king of Israel not to destroy the men, but rather to feed them and send them back to their master. What a testament to Jehovah’s mercy, and what a profound illustration of what it means to employ supernatural wisdom to lead even your enemies to a knowledge of Him.

My friend, seek to have a heart like Elisha. In these trying times, you may feel like you’re surrounded by darkness, but remember that the only way to fight the world’s blindness is to lead it to Christ’s love. While it seems as though many are in a stupor and enveloped in a cloud of fear, you have a divine call to bring the light of your Savior’s imperishable hope to those who can’t yet see it. As you welcome people to your midst and encircle them with God’s unshakable goodness, they’ll get a glimpse of His glory and open up their souls to receive more. Once they’ve found safety in His presence, they’ll introduce others to the vision they’ve inherited, and the world will change as a result!


Jesus, give me a heart like Elisha, and use me to demonstrate your radical mercy and unconditional love to those who can’t yet see it.


How can you shine Christ’s love on people who are walking in darkness?

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