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Positive Minute - Ken Duncan

Rags to Riches

Written By Sheila Schuller Coleman

"...Love your neighbor as yourself." -Luke 10:27b (NIV)

With the title I gave it, I bet you thought this devotion would be about financial help, didn't you? I hope I don't disappoint you, but this is about the riches of friendship as opposed to the rags of loneliness - a far more valuable concept than money in a bank account.

Have you ever stood in the line at the grocery store and read the headlines of a tabloid magazine, or "rag," as they are called? Gossip for sale! Come and read all about it. What's the intrigue? Why do so many people love juicy gossip?

Well, we all feel better about ourselves, when we read or hear about someone else's problems. The more someone else's esteem is lowered - the more ours is elevated. We feel better about ourselves at the expense of someone else's failure.

What kind of news will you spread today? Gossip or good news? People want to be friends with people who speak well of others. People want to be friends with people they know do not gossip. People want to be friends with people who share good news. The Bible is full of good news!

If you focus on sharing the good news versus gossip, don't be surprised if you find you have gone from rags to the riches of good friends - for life.

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