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Pastor Bobby begins a new message series called: “Our Deepest Need: Connecting Deeply with Others.” In this four-week series, Bobby will talk about the deepest human need which is to connect and bond with others. Today’s message: “Be Seen – You Can Trust Others.”

From classical to gospel, this trio is best known for their unique and skillful a cappella arrangements. Joseph Clarke, Jessica Fox and Mariah Hargrove make up the Richmond, Virginia based trio, RESOUND. Their mission is to encourage and provoke individuals to share their God-given gifts and talents with others, just as they have. They are motivated by Isaiah 42:12 which states, “Make God’s glory RESOUND; echo His praises from coast to coast.” Today, RESOUND performs a medley entitled, “Black History.” Follow the group at

Todd Strange and Courtney Taylor met while working together at the San Diego Opera. Now married, the two enjoy performing together in the Los Angeles Opera Chorus and the Los Angeles Master Chorale. Sharing music together in work and passion is a lifelong dream for both of them. Today, they perform “His Eye is on the Sparrow” (comp: Mrs. C.D. Martin; C. Gabriel; arr: Tom Fettke; orchestrated by Dr. Marc Riley). Courtney and Todd are accompanied by Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

Directed by Sarah Grandpre, the Hour of Power Choir performs “One God, One People, One Voice” (comp: Larry Shackley). The choir is accompanied by Zeljko Marasovich on the organ and the Hour of Power Orchestra with Dr. Marc Riley.

2 thoughts on “Be Seen – You Can Trust Others

  1. Dave Gauldin says:

    Pastor Bobby, your message about connecting with someone on a personal level was inspiring. Thank you.

  2. Helen Miller says:

    I love the way you deliver your message….so many thoughtful things for me to think about, and pray about….it is true that you cannot get along without friendships, but I never thought about the “bonding” with one another….Thank you for another wonderful, inspiring message.

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