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​Pastor Bobby continues a series of messages for the season of Advent with today’s message, “God will Get You to Your Destiny.”

Laura-Lynn Thompson is co-host of the national daily show, The 700 Club Canada. She has interviewed hundreds of celebrities, and many great men and women of faith, but Laura-Lynn has an inspiring story of her own. After a series of personal crisis, God pulled her out of her brokenness and led her to where she is today. Laura-Lynn’s story is in her book, “Relentless Redemption,” available at Amazon and wherever books are sold.

Sarah Grandpre and Dana Baker are members of the Hour of Power Choir. Dana Baker has performed in opera houses and concert halls around the country, and Sarah is the director of Voices of Hope Children’s Choir. She has ten years of teaching and directing experience in choral music, musical theater and vocal technique. Today, Sarah and Dana sing “This Child is the One” (comp: Dave & Jan Williamson). They are accompanied by Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra, as well as the Hour of Power Choir with Don Neuen.

In honor of Haven Schuller’s birthday, Bobby joins his daughter to perform, “Love is an Open Door” (comp: Kristen Anderson-Lopez; Robert Lopez). They are accompanied by Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

Directed by Don Neuen, the Hour of Power Choir performs “O Holy Night” (comp: J.S. Dwight; A.C. Adam; arr: M. Hayes). The choir is accompanied by organist Zeljko Marasovich, and Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

6 thoughts on “God will Get You to Your Destiny

  1. Emina Bikic says:

    Dear Bobby, thank you for your wounderful show and your pray.
    Every sunday i follow Hour of Pour it gives me the pour for my life. From you i know that GOD loves me and i believe it now. I Never watched this kind of tv bevor but you makes me Love it and i enjoy it every moment watching it. You show the People what god exist and what he is abil to do. Since i saw it the first time 3 jears ago i am a fan from you and your TV pray. Every week i meet God and his Love in your eyes and your words. God bless you and your Family.
    My wish is to come one time in your Show and to tell the People how god change my life since i decide to let Jesus come in to my life. I am a healer but i didnt Know that i work with Jesus energji. I am born as a Moslem but i never was religios but deep in my heard i knew that there is something that gides me and i am Not alone. God, jesus was working through me and i am happy that he can use me to help people. Now i am spirituelle christian and i am proud and happy to live like that. My background is from Kosovo but i grow up in gjermani where i am living Since i am 5. jears old. I Love my life and i am happy to have god beside me and that he loves me. I Hope that God help me to meet you and to Talk with you about the miricals in my life

  2. Dave Gauldin says:

    Bobby, the service was great today. All the singing and your time with your daughter along with the sermon were fantastic. I enjoy each week. Thank you for your time. I hope you feel better soon. Thanks.

    1. Payam says:

      You are always a blessing to me and my heart! I appreciate you and your sermons and sharing Jesus with the world!

      God Bless You & Give You His Best Always!

      Payam Lobnan ♡

  3. Kristina Schwende says:

    Today’s service was very different – almost a “flying by the seat of your pants” kind of service! But such powerful and encouraging messages – both from Laura-Lynn Thompson and from Bobby. I was in tears as they shared life-changing messages that resonated so deeply within me. They spoke of things that I’ve been struggling with a lot this year – for years, really. I will listen to Laura-Lynn’s story and Bobby’s sermon again. I’m so grateful for the technology that allows their messages to be preserved and accessible!

    I absolutely loved it when Bobby brought up his beautiful little girl and they sang together. That was such a sweet and special moment! I hope Haven enjoyed a blessed birthday.

  4. Elizabeth Shuck says:

    Would like to know how to get your show in New Bern NC. I used to watch Dr. Robert Schuller every Sunday for years.

  5. Cheryl Ellison says:

    This service really blessed my heart,singing was so uplifting, I wish I had a service to attend such as this.

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