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Pastor Bobby continues the message series on how to be happy and whole students of Jesus entitled, The Narrow Road: How to be Alive. Today’s message: “Servant Leadership.”

David A.R. White is a producer, writer and actor well-known for his work on the “God’s Not Dead” films. A returning guest, David is back to discuss his new book, entitledBetween Heaven and Hollywood, which discusses his journey from growing up in a small town in Kansas to success in Los Angeles.

Directed by Don Neuen, the Hour of Power Choir performs “My Jesus, I Love Thee” (comp: Paul Sjolund) and “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name” (comp: Earlene Rentz). The choir is accompanied by Zeljko Marasovich on the organ.

One thought on “Servant Leadership

  1. Judith Brousseau says:

    Unable to attend today my friend did attend. He passed on the news about the rent for the church. I guess we were aware this would happen.
    Three solutions maybe.
    1. There must be someone in the church that could possibly donate land or someone knows someone that could donate land. For new church.
    2. See if Catholic Church has anyone to rent for the high price they want . If not… Renegociate the price with the church. Better for them to have something than nothing.
    3. See if someone else has a church that can be purchased at a low price and then renovate and add on.
    I’m so disappointed and worried. We went through so much to save our congregation and bring all those that left back. We just got so comfortable and happy where we are.
    I would be devastated if we fell apart now. Planning I guess was never completed.
    Just plain worried.

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