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Pastor Bobby begins a new message series called: “I Am –Knowing God by Name.” In this series, Bobby will teach on what it means to carry the name of the Lord and what the different Old Testament names for Yahweh mean for you.  Today’s message: “Yahweh Bore: I Am Your Creator. You Are My Sons and Daughters.”

We are so happy to have Natasha Bure with us, a highly recognizable face on social media with an amazing vocal talent to back it up. Natasha has kept very busy with competing on “The Voice,” designing jewelry, modeling, blogging, and has somehow found time to write a book entitled, Let’s Be Real. Natasha’s book is available wherever books are sold.

Today, Natasha performs, “You’re Beautiful” (comp: Phil Wickham). She is accompanied by the Hour of Power Orchestra.

Directed by Michael Skidgel, the Hour of Power Choir performs “Unclouded Day” (comp: Rev. J.K. Alwood; arr: Shawn Kirchner).

3 thoughts on “Yahweh Bore: I Am Your Creator: You Are My Sons and Daughters

  1. Clara Reid says:

    Your sermon today was inspiring….especially the part about the rats and the cocaine. Although I am not a drug addict, I think most people have an addiction of some sort or other. I am going to try to remember the saying, “it’s not you. It’s your cage” whenever I am tempted to overdo my addiction (junk food)

  2. Helen Miller says:

    I loved your program and the sermon was quite interesting….corrollating a drug addict to that of the rats in the cage makes me feel that if we could only help an addict re-enter society ( usually ashamed of them), they too would be able to kick that habit by feeling worthy and needed…. Thanks for sharing.

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