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Pastor Bobby concludes the message series based on his new book called: “You Are Beloved.” In this series, Bobby will share how the Creed of the Beloved can change your life when you recite this creed on a daily basis. Today’s message: “Your Love is a Great Gift.”


The Coastal California Chorale, directed by Dr. James Melton, is a newly formed group of singers dedicated to musical excellence. Today, along with soloist Charity Culp, they perform “He Will Hold Me Fast” (comp: Ada Habershon; Matthew Merker; arr: James Koerts). They are accompanied with piano, violin, and cello. They also perform “How Great Thou Art” (comp: Stuart K. Hine; arr: Dan Forrest) and are accompanied with piano, violin, and cello, with Minh Nguyen on the organ.

5 thoughts on “Your Love is a Great Gift

  1. April says:

    Hi Neighbors> Bobby and Hannah

    My name is April from TN. Thank you for Hour of Power, Message this week.
    Your creed is helping me with worry! I think it was exchanged to me from generations back. Leaving it behind though!

    I find myself saying at times “April remember you Don’t have to worry, you Don’t have to HURRY! Praise Jesus!

  2. Beautiful message! Yes…being there for someone is the best thing we can do ; after all, he is there for us. It’s so hard in a world that’s becoming increasingly hostile…but yes, our father is gentle, caring and that’s how we should be. Thank you Bobby!

  3. Thank you Bobby…preach! Yes you are so humble. I don’t feel the same way about Joel Osteen. At first I didn’t believe that he closed his church during the flooding UNTIL…I saw that he charged on sirrus radio to listen to his sermon. It was then I realized…he’s wordly and not God centered first. Thank God ….you are!

  4. Jacqueline Clynes says:

    Years ago, my husband and I attended the crystal cathedral and heard your father give a powerful sermon. We were working the NAMM show in Anahiem. Today my hubby is gone to be with our Father and I will never forget that trip to Garden Grove.

  5. Dove says:

    My parents have listened to hour of power sermons since i was a little girl. I never listened until i got older. My life has been hard and dark but am now trying to move forward in life. This series has made me feel less ashamed of my actions and given little bit of strength to keep going.

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