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God Is in Our Stops

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”

Proverbs 16:9

When there’s an obstacle in our way, most people take the path of least resistance. They either turn away, curse the darkness, blame someone else, or try a little bit and then give up and walk away. But there is that certain type of person, that is not only able to get through the obstacle, but they’re also able to turn it to their benefit. And I think this is the kind of thinking that Christianity does. When we live in the Kingdom of the Heavens, we’re able to not get so bothered by losing our job. For God is not just in our steps, but also in our stops. Maybe God has a new opportunity available for me and I would never have had the faith to step out, so He’s pushing me. What if I can see an opportunity from heaven in every obstacle? When you’re fired, sued, going through a bad breakup, going through a hard time financially, or something happens, ask: Lord, is there a hidden opportunity in this thing that’s driving me crazy? Your whole life will be different. Your whole life. So change your thoughts. Be patient. Call whatever it is you’re going through what it is, but don’t walk away. And just ask God if there’s something greater than what you see. And I think almost always there is!


Dear Father, please show me the hidden opportunities in the obstacles in my life. Change my thoughts, to not walk away but face the obstacle with my head up high. For I know you are not only in my steps but also in my stops.


Can you see the opportunities in your obstacles?

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