October 1, 2019

Shepherd’s Grove Aims to Find a Family for Every Child in Orange County

God has been opening doors for our local church, Shepherd’s Grove Presbyterian Church, to become more involved in the Orange County Foster Care community! The diagram above shows what happens in Orange County annually, to give you a sense of the challenge. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of kids who have no family to call their own. The County is very willing to work closely with the faith community because they cannot solve this problem without churches like ours getting involved. Shepherd’s Grove is partnering with an organization called ZeroBy2020, which has built deep relationships with the County of Orange, Child and Family Services (CFS). The goal behind ZeroBy2020 is to find a family for every child in OC by 2020 and equip the church to support them. With the help of our local government and a church-to-church strategy, we can accomplish this God-sized goal together. SG has already started getting involved both

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Who Is a Leader?

“He chose capable men from all Israel and made them leaders of the people, officials over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens.” – Exodus 18:25 Are you a leader? If you answered no to that question, I challenge you to think again. It’s easy to believe that leaders are those who have been given a position or title granting them a measure of authority in a specific area or over a certain group of people. The truth, however, is that all Christians are called to lead. How? In the same manner Jesus did — by being a servant. To make it simple, leadership is influence, and as we sow ideas and actions into the world, our goal is to make the Lord visible to others so they want to know more about Him and receive His life into theirs.  Servant leadership stands in stark contrast to our natural human desire to

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