January 26, 2020

Prayer is Potent

“When this had dawned on him, he went to the house of Mary, the mother of John, also called Mark, where many people had gathered and were praying. Peter knocked at the outer entrance, and a servant named Rhoda came to answer the door. When she recognized Peter’s voice, she was so overjoyed that she ran back without opening it and exclaimed, ‘Peter is at the door!’” – Acts 12:12-14 Do you believe in the power of prayer? I think most of us, if we really understood all that lifting our voices to Heaven can and does accomplish in this world, would spend a lot less time complaining and a lot more time praying. In fact, as we revisit the story of Peter being set free from jail by the hands of an angel, on the other side of that miracle was a group of people fervently crying out to

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