March 15, 2020

Unhurried and Unstoppable

“…Jesus said to them, ‘My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.’” – John 5:17 I once read about a theologian who tried to remove bamboo from his backyard. The first time he cut it down, it grew back twice as tall, twice as green, and twice as strong, and he was completely astonished. The second time, he cut it down to at least a foot below where he had cut it before, and to his amazement, it came back even taller. The third time, he cut it all the way down, dug a hole, filled it with poison and salt, and covered it with gravel and concrete. He thought for sure he had taken care of the problem that time; however, it wasn’t too long before those pesky shoots began poking through the concrete too. Talk about strong and determined!  My

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