October 24, 2020

Your First Love

“So all the people took off their earrings and brought them to Aaron. He took what they handed him and made it into an idol cast in the shape of a calf, fashioning it with a tool. Then they said, ‘These are your gods, Israel, who brought you up out of Egypt.’” – Exodus 32:3,4 Do you know the story of Moses? I’m assuming you do, and if you haven’t read it in the Bible, you’ve probably seen the movie The Ten Commandments with Charleton Heston. The account goes that the Lord chose Moses, a Jew by birth and an Egyptian by upbringing, to lead His people out of slavery at the hands of Pharaoh. As the Israelites were attempting to escape the huge Egyptian army, God did some absolutely miraculous things to save them, including parting the Red Sea so they could walk across on dry land. Despite witnessing

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