October 11, 2022

Skills Can Be Learned

“I give you sound learning, so do not forsake my teaching.” – Proverbs 4:2 Today I want to start with this thought: We can learn most of the skills needed for success. I often share that your philosophy is perfectly designed to produce the results you’re getting. What if your ideals, standards, or beliefs are not producing the results you’re seeking?  Whose fault is it? What do you think should change in your life if what I’m saying is true? A great place to start is to change your philosophy, worldview, and how you see things. Considering the abundance of available skills that can be merged into our lives is essential. Being happy is a skill, and there are books on being happy. I know, I wrote one! Being a friend is a skill; being healthy and becoming successful is a skill. Spiritually speaking, leading a holy life is a

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