February is a special month at Hour of Power. It not only commemorates the anniversary of our first broadcast on February 8, 1970, but it’s also when we celebrate our Eagle Partners, a special group of friends here at the ministry. With generous hearts, they have faithfully provided monthly support for decades so that we can reach more souls for Christ and fly higher as we pursue the Lord’s best.

When I think about the majestic eagle, our country’s national symbol, I am intrigued by its ultra-stoic nature and presence. It’s just one of many reminders in nature that show us the power and strength of our loving and all-powerful God. The Bible often uses the symbol of an eagle to portray strength, power, and vision.

“Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” —Isaiah 40:30-31

Every year, I’m amazed that there seems to be something new to learn about eagles. As I mentioned in last month’s mailing, technology has afforded us the rare opportunity to peek into the lives of the elusive bald eagle by way of a live, online video cam of an eagle’s nest in Big Bear Valley, California. Since 2015, this live cam, centered over a massive yet intricate bald eagle’s nest, has been capturing the daily lives of an eagle couple, Shadow and Jackie. Eagles mate for life and return yearly to their nests, which usually measure at least four to six feet in diameter and three feet deep! People from all over the world marvel at the live cam footage and comment on the daily life and milestones of these awesome creatures.

God’s wings of love afford us second chances.

As I was perusing through videos and commentary on these beloved Big Bear eagles, I saw a clip of a local news story that reported on the birth of an eaglet in March 2022, and it was quite the celebration– a new beginning. Apparently, Shadow and Jackie experienced the heart-wrenching loss of two eggs by ravens a year prior and have lost other eggs due to various circumstances since their last eaglet was born in 2019. These delicate eggs must be incubated and carefully attended to for about 40 days, with each parent taking turns keeping them warm. So imagine their sadness after the painstakingly vigilant process of preparing for their eaglet’s birth. After watching several videos of these magnificent creatures, I realized that some aspects of their lives are parallel to ours, in that they experience loss, adversity, and triumphs just like we do.

What I saw unfolding with the birth of the eaglet was patience and a second chance at a new beginning. Shadow and Jackie instinctively knew how to lovingly care for and protect their eaglet. I saw daily feedings where these eagles’ beaks were as big as the eaglet, but somehow they were able to shred fish to tiny pieces so that it would fit in their baby’s mouth and nourish its rapidly growing body. It’s all a part of God’s great design in nature and in our lives, too. In fact, it’s very symbolic of the love and care we show our children, as well as the unwavering love that our Mighty Father bestows on us. As the eaglet matured, I witnessed flying lessons and that pivotal moment when it mightily flew from the nest. I believe we can compare this scenario to our walk with the Lord. When we diligently study the Word and go forth, He works through us to prove that nothing is impossible with God!

Like Shadow and Jackie, we may go through some tough seasons in life, but under our Father’s wings of love, we can pick ourselves back up, trudge forward, and experience the excitement found in new beginnings.

Friend, my prayer for you is that you’ll find comfort and love in being nested in God’s unwavering love for you. I pray that you mount up on the wings of an eagle and ascend to your God-ordained altitude so you can expand your vision and live with the joy that draws others to the hope of Jesus Christ within YOU!

God loves you and so do I,

Bobby Schuller


At Hour of Power, we consider it a great privilege to be God’s ambassadors as He carries out His rescue mission to humanity. When YOU partner with us, you’re changing people’s destinies and bringing Jesus to the midst of their most vulnerable moments. One sermon, one verse, or one affirmation can really speak to someone’s heart and fill them with the Holy Spirit! Our friends in Jesus write…

“Bobby. Thanks for your work you do to share God’s Word. I really appreciate the challenges you have. My father was a pastor. I experienced your decision to go into the ministry and willingness to do this difficult work. What makes you a great leader is you’re sharing your experiences of living; there is no greater testimony.” —David, California

“I wanted to let you know personally how much I appreciate the Hour of Power broadcast each week and the many ways you are helping to advance God’s Kingdom. Even though I have a terrific local church that helps me tremendously in my Christian walk, I look forward each week to what you will bring through Hour of Power that will further aid me in my spiritual journey. Thank you for taking time to give the background details you so often do in your sermons. For those of us “non-theologians,” we benefit greatly when you give us more information about the context of a given bible passage, or when you provide some Greek or Hebrew translations that help us better understand the meaning that is being conveyed. So, keep up the great work!”
—Bradley, Indiana

“Thank you very much Hour of Power. I’m praying for you all each and every day. I enjoy your Sunday service live stream. To God be the glory, blessing to you for all you are doing. I am joyful for the Hour of Power, it is just like I am there. Keep up the good works in Jesus.”
—Stedmond, British Caribbean Territory

“I am a retired/disabled pastor. After 40 years preaching, I only like to listen to a few of today’s preachers. I really enjoy and find spiritual nourishment from your messages. Thank you for all your efforts. My wife and I watch Shepherd’s Grove every Sunday. I will be praying for you and your family. Blessings.”
—Rev. Dr. David, Indiana


At Hour of Power, we enjoy reading testimonials and messages from our congregants in the U.S. and around the world. We are always delighted when we hear from musicians and conductors who are spiritually moved and inspired by our praise music and Hour of Power Choir, conducted by Dr. Irene Messoloras.

In the spirit of our viewer’s affirmations, it is with great honor and excitement we announce that our beloved Choir has been recognized nationally by The American Choral Directors Association and is selected to perform at the ACDA’s National Conference later this month in Cincinnati, Ohio. When you get the seal of approval from musicians and conductors from around the world, you know you’re doing something right!

The Hour of Power Choir was also selected to perform at the 2021 conference, but it was a virtual platform due to the pandemic. “We are ecstatic for the Choir to be chosen again and now given the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience,” Dr. Messoloras said. The theme for this year’s ACDA National Conference is, “A Place of Belonging.”

“We are very proud of the diversity of our 36-member choir, who hail from many different ethnic backgrounds and range in ages from 19 to their late-70s,” said Dr. Messoloras, who has been conducting the choir for the past five years, and earned her Doctorate in Musical Arts from UCLA. “We don’t sing for the recognition; we are honored to sing for the Lord and to help bring others to hear scripture and Bobby’s inspirational messages.”

The Choir has been allotted a half hour program to perform a six-song repertoire, all from underrepresented composers, which speaks to the conference’s theme of belonging. The 24 choirs chosen to perform represent a mix ranging from youth to university level, community, professional and church choral groups. Dr. Messoloras added, “We truly believe that the universal language of music has the possibility to bring great joy, peace, and healing to its listeners.”


Our founder, Dr. Robert H. Schuller, was a big dreamer with a passion and ever-evolving vision for
reaching the lost and hurting in every corner of the earth. With the ministry’s growth in the 1980’s, he
recognized the need for a fi nancial foundation upon which our legacy could be built and new territories
chartered and explored. By establishing Eagle Partnership, he invited everyone impacted by our
outreach to become a tangible part of it by committing to a monthly gift. Because the eagle is focused
and fl ies higher than all the other birds, he chose its majesty to engage people in God’s vision and give
them wings to soar with him as the dream expanded.

The legacy of Eagle Partnership continues today, and just as it did at inception, it gives life to our future
by enabling us to accomplish the big things Jesus calls us to. As you partner with us, YOU become a
participant in our rich heritage and take fl ight with us as the future unfolds!


If you’re a believer, you know that God puts “little signs’’ in our lives all the time. You’ll be doing the Lord’s work and low and behold, a wonderful coincidence occurs.
It’s almost as if He’s saying, “I am with you and rooting for you.” Such is the case with our Donor Spotlight this month. How apropos that the couple we talked to were both in the airline industry, AND this is our Eagle Partners issue. This couple has soared with this ministry for thirty years, and we’re so glad they made the journey with us!

Mary Dee Vaughters tells the story of how she was introduced to Hour of Power in 1970, the first year it was aired. “I was a flight attendant and would end up flying on Sundays, and I was missing church,” she said.

“I mentioned it to my grandmother and she told me about Dr. Robert Schuller, who was on TV at different times across the country and I could watch him when I was stuck in a hotel.”

Many years later, after a break from the airline industry, Mary Dee returned to flying again and that’s whenshe met her husband Jon, a pilot. Prior to becoming a commercial airline pilot, Jon was in the Navy and flew off aircraft carriers during Vietnam. “I remember meeting Bobby when he was only 18 years old!” he said. “I like the positive message and encouragement, and we’re really tickled that he has continued that from his grandfather and his father. That has been the strength for us, always thinking positively. We’ve gone through a lot of tough times just like everybody else, and we draw upon that strength to get us through. It’s our guiding light.”

Jon and Mary Dee, who have been married 28 years, have a blended family of five children and seven grandchildren. Dee loves the history that she and Jon have with Hour of Power, noting that over the years they have made many visits to the Crystal Cathedral and now SHEPHERD’SGROVE. “I’m just thrilled when we can come back and visit the church and the friends we’ve made over the years,” she said. As Eagle Partners, Jon said, “We give to Hour of Power and Shepherd’s Grove because the message that the church has needs to be supported. We love the fact that Bobby is on TBN’s Praise representing Hour of Power and Shepherd’s Grove and is known to the world.”

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  1. I used to watch the show on Sunday mornings. It would be great if your newsletter here would list the times and channels.. I would watch the show each Sunday before I went to our family church or when we were traveling for softball on weekends.

  2. Thank you Hour of Power Choir for such beautiful worship and praise music. I am elated that you’ve been chosen to perform at the 2023 Convention. You all are blessed by God Our Father with talents and fruits in bringing the Word of God to the world. I pray that God’s glory be received with praise in all you endeavors. Blessings to the Schuller family and all who make the Hour of Power possible (to me and the world).

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