A Behind-the-Scenes Savior

“In his defense Jesus said to them, ‘My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.’”

– John 5:17

Unfortunately, a lot of us Christians are myopic or nearsighted. In other words, we get so wrapped up in our daily circumstances that we forget we serve a Savior who is constantly working behind the scenes. God is infinite, and He has the ultimate “big-picture” perspective, but our minds are finite and only able to conceive of situations in linear time. That said, it’s important to remember that when life seems to be “closing in on us,” what we’re perceiving is only a microscopic blip on the radar of eternity. We can’t begin to conceive of how masterfully and marvelously everything fits together from His standpoint, but we can train ourselves to acknowledge the wonder that it does. No matter how uncertain or daunting troubles appear, the Holy Spirit is constantly working, and He will not leave us in the lurch. He’s been fashioning solutions to the things that concern us, and even as we’ve toiled and given ourselves to one season, He’s been actively preparing good things in the next.

My friend, to inherit a life marked by supernatural peace, Jesus invites you to pray for His vantage point and know that with Him, there is always a greater plan. If you’re struggling to move ahead, and you’re tempted to surrender your hope, He bids you look to Him and elevate your gaze over the horizon. Even when your body, mind, and emotions are exhausted, remember that He is working behind the scenes to orchestrate your next victory — just hold fast until the breakthrough comes!


Jesus, when difficulties are pressing in on all sides, remind me that you are always working behind the scenes for a higher purpose.


Where in your life do you need to remember that God is working behind the scenes? What biblical promise can you cling to to remind you?

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