“Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ And I said, ‘Here am I. Send me!’ ”

– Isaiah 6:8

Today we conclude our look into the life of Isaiah with one concluding question. After encountering God’s theophany in the temple; a call goes out. This call is not just to Isaiah but to the thousands of people who are worshiping in the temple. And what is the question? All God says is, ”Who will go for us? Whom shall I send?” Imagine everyone frozen at the sound of this question. Experts say that when people are terrified, 10 percent of people run away, 10 percent stand up into a leadership position and tell people what to do, but 80 percent of people just freeze. 

I imagine everyone is frozen except for Isaiah, who has now had this unconscious guilt and shame completely wiped away from him and perhaps isn’t fearful anymore. Because he sees the throne and presence of God in a very different light, he raises his hand in a very loud voice and says, “Here I am! Send me!” God then informs Isaiah the journey will not be easy. The people will hear and not understand, they will see and not perceive. Also, their hearts will be calloused. He would complete this mission with minimal fruit. 

Friend, if you look at this call from a secular viewpoint, God is calling Isaiah to fail. He’s calling him to be an annoying street preacher that nobody’s going to listen to. Yet Isaiah is so full of relief for the atonement of what he’s done that he is just fine with the assignment, and trusts that God will see him through the process.


Father, help me to embrace any challenging assignment you give me. I trust you to be with me.


Have you surrendered to a challenging assignment from God? What was the result? In your calling, what can you do to trust God?

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  1. I totally get Isaiah’s relief at atonement! His eye was on the prize- eternity with God. In this life we simply cannot win without Jesus. We live in a fallen world. We have all sinned and fall short. But-Living with Jesus we have heaven on earth and life ever after. I say,”Send me,Lord -to summon all the sinners home!.”

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