“He said, ‘Go and tell this people: Be ever hearing, but never understanding; be ever seeing, but never perceiving.’”

– Isaiah 6:9

If God called you to fail, would you obey? As we learned a couple days agoIsaiah quickly answered His Lord’s question as to whom He should send, even before he knew the details of the assignment. It wasn’t until after he exclaimed “Send me!” that he heard more about what his call would actually entail. In essence, God told him, “I’m sending you to your people, Israel, and they’re not going to listen to you. You’re going to preach to them about the poor, and they’re going to shut their ears. You’re going to preach to them about orphans and widows, and they’re going to calcify and harden their hearts. You’re going to preach to them against idolatry and child sacrifice, and they’re going to hate you. Not one person is going to listen or repent.” I don’t know about you, but to me, that sounds like a call to failure. If God asked me to plant a church no one would attend, to preach sermons that no one would listen to, or to go on a mission trip where no one would be saved, would I want to do it? Yet those were the harsh realities Isaiah was forced to face indefinitely. As eagerly as he had answered the Lord’s call, was forced to digest the truth that he would be a prophet to unlistening ears for the rest of his life! 

Why did Isaiah answer the call, my friend? Because he loved the Lord his God with his whole heart, soul, and mind. This is how you can do it, too. Be steadfast and confident in the love of your Savior, spend time meditating on His attributes, allow His Spirit to fill your life, and walk forward by doing the next right thing. Even if it means never seeing your desired outcome here on earth, move ahead in full assurance of faith knowing that Jesus heals and redeems everything and that it will all be made right one day in Heaven. Stay closely connected to your good Father and trust that He will infuse your call with passion, power, and purpose!


I say yes to you, Jesus, even if I never see my desired outcome on this side of Heaven.


How would you answer if God called you to fail in the world’s eyes?

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