“And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.”

– Genesis 3:15

Something we often confess as Christians but sometimes forget in daily living is that we have an enemy. Since the fall of humankind, we have been engaged in a raging battle against Satan, who gained empowerment when he deceived Eve and has been getting his jollies the same way ever since. Though he existed before the dawn of Creation, it wasn’t until that fateful moment in the garden that he was handed the “keys to the kingdom.” Yes, God holds the title and maintains the ultimate ownership of this world, but for now, the day-to-day operations are in the devil’s domain. Because the curse put enmity, or an enemy, between Eve’s offspring — the Jewish people and believers in Jesus Christ (by inheritance), and the serpent’s offspring — kingdoms of demons, along with all the evil, sickness, hatred and violence they bring into the world, there is a struggle that won’t stop until the Lord comes back. Thankfully, the victory is already won and the deal is sealed! Though the devil succeeded in having Jesus killed, he couldn’t keep Him in the grave; he struck Christ’s heel, but the resurrection crushed his head. Even better, as believers who put our hope in that promise, we have access to the same power that brought the Lord back to life. That means we can share in His strength to prevail over the struggles, challenges, and hangups in our own lives. 

You have an enemy, my friend, but you have authority over him. When obstacles and trials come, remember that there is one who seeks to impede your progress; however, he is a defeated foe! You share in the triumph of the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the blood He shed for you there covers every circumstance and detail of your life. There is nowhere you can flee from His presence, and His power is available to help you extinguish all the fiery darts of the devil whenever you call on His Name!

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You have the victory in my life, Jesus, so make me wise to the devil’s schemes and fill my heart with faith to extinguish all his flaming arrows. 


Where do you see the enemy attacking your life? How can you claim your victory in Jesus?

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