“The seventh lot came out for the tribe of Dan according to its clans.”

– Joshua 19:40

When the Lord finally brought His people back to Israel after leaving slavery in Egypt and then wandering around the wilderness for 40 years, He placed each of the twelve tribes in twelve distinct areas, kind of like states in the U.S. When He assigned territories, the tribe of Dan, which means “judge,” was allocated a small coastal plain adjacent to Judah and Ephraim. Though there were advantages to this location due to its access to the Mediterranean Sea, the Danites’ portion was smaller than most of the others, and it seems that many of its inhabitants were not happy about their lot. In part, this is because just to the south of them was Philistia, an enemy territory that was constantly attacking Bethshemish, their capital city. Since the Philistines were not a peace-loving people, the Israelites in Dan were forced to live in a constant state of war and heightened vigilance. Unfortunately, their discontent with where God placed them led them to take matters into their own hands. Like many of us, they were seeking to avoid a life of struggle and were unable to see that their battles were actually a vital part of their divine call. When the One who discerns the beginning from the end put them in that particular spot, His all-seeing eyes and all-knowing heart understood what was best… and the same is true today.

My friend, there is a reason for the season you are in. Though it’s natural to want to avoid it, I encourage you not to adopt the view that a struggle-free life is the most blessed and abundant existence. On the other hand, choose to walk in the confident knowledge that if the Lord brought you to it, He will see you through it. The center of His will is always the best place to be, even if it demands that you endure hardships and fight battles. In a time like the present, when the climate of our culture is one of fear, uncertainty, and unrest, it’s tempting to want to “elope” to a place of perceived peace and tranquility. However, such a quest may leave you seeking in vain, because deep-rooted contentment can only be found within the confines of your own heart, where God is working to make you more like Him. When you focus on the sufficiency of the One who brought you to your current struggle, you will find an unshakable serenity that transcends the external pain.


Jesus, give me wisdom and understanding so I can freely surrender my quest for a struggle-free life and focus on your sufficiency instead.


How are you doing in the place you are planted? Are you content?


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