“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

– Romans 8:37

Research shows that you don’t get good at what you enjoy, you enjoy what you get good at. When you get really good at something, you enjoy it to the point of passion, and if you employ discipline and become a master of your craft, you may just come to a place of obsession. Now, in our culture, obsession has a negative connotation because we often think of it as a mental illness, and it can be when taken too far, but in a positive sense, when divinely inspired, being obsessed is the ultimate form of pursuit and passion.

I invite you to become obsessed with the Lord and with what He’s doing in your life. Get so enamored with His plan for you that you aren’t afraid to be stretched and pulled. Just like physical exercise, if you aren’t stretching, you’re probably not in a place of training, and training is the cornerstone of growth. Although it can be a painful purgatory in the middle of your journey, training is a measure of progress and it’s the rite of passage to the abundant life Jesus purchased for you when He went to the cross. The road He walked to suffering brought the ultimate victory, and you share in it! As a partaker of His divine nature, you, like Jesus, can become so devoted to doing the Father’s will that you are willing to endure the painful road in the middle, always keeping the end in mind.

Friend, you are more than a conqueror because God loves you and in Him, there is nothing that you can’t do or accomplish! Become obsessed with His goodness and embrace the truth that He has chosen you to bring His light to the world, no matter what the cost. With Jesus, there is always victory!


Jesus, thank you for being my divine obsession. I pray that I would become enamored with your goodness and unstoppable in my pursuit of your plan for my life.


Are you obsessed with living out God’s divine plan and purpose for your life? Why or why not?

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