A Fresh Start for a Stump

“A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.”

– Isaiah 11:1

Have you ever gone walking through the forest and happened upon a stump? While it may provide enough space for one or two people to sit on, the remnant of a once mighty tree, though imposing, offers little hope of renewed existence. In fact, biologically speaking, that lifeless piece of wood is permanently dead. Amazingly, the Bible says that Jesus came out of the stump of Jesse, which means He arose out of the lineage of David, which was all but gone. Nevertheless, a shoot — a tiny, single strand of green grass — came forth from that dead wood, and though tender at first, grew to be a source of good fruit and shade for the entire world. By bringing new life from something that was discarded and as good as done, God set a new precedent for resurrection and foreshadowed His Son’s redemption of a perishing world.

My friend, nothing is permanently dead in the Kingdom of God. Even if you’ve been cut down and feel as good as done, you are not beyond the reach of His redemptive love. When things seem the most hopeless, hear Him faithfully remind you of the promise that from an eternal perspective, no season will be unfruitful. Yes, there may be times of bareness, but they are only setting you up for a more bountiful harvest in your comeback. When you’re down to nothing, God is up to something; remember that, believe it, and expect Him to do the impossible and miraculous in your life!


Jesus, I feel cut down, but I receive your promises of redemption and hope. Bring forth a fresh shoot from the stump of my circumstances.


What stump are you stumbling on today? In faith, commit it to Jesus and then expect new life to emerge.


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