A Garden of Goodness + A Temple of Truth

“Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?”

– 1 Corinthians 3:16

Yesterday, we talked about the Garden of Eden and how it gives us a powerful illustration of the fruitfulness of Christ in our lives. Today, I want to share with you how Adam and Eve’s original home correlates to another one of the Lord’s chosen dwelling places — the temple. We know that the temple was the center of Jewish life, and it’s also where the Spirit of God lived. But what we may not realize is that the plans for constructing God’s House contained many parallels to the garden. The Creation story happened in seven days with seven speeches, and the tabernacle and temple were both built in seven days with seven speeches. And, just as Adam was told to guard and care for the living things in the garden, the priests were instructed to tend to and care for the temple. In addition, like Eden was encircled by a garden, the temple was surrounded by lush landscape. While there is much more that could be written about their similarities, the important thing is to remember that as Christians, both the garden and the temple now reside in us. No longer does the Lord limit His presence to particular physical spaces; instead, He takes up residence in our spirits, and gives us the honor of being “little temples” wherever we go. As believers, we’ve been entrusted with the privilege of hosting the Lord of Creation in the sacred space of our souls, and He makes His essence available to others through us.

My friend, people need you. With all your imperfections, flaws and baggage, many are crying out for the peace that you have. As you offer kindness, compassion, mercy, and even confrontation in the manner of your Savior, His abundant, flourishing, and refreshing power is channeled through you. Wherever you go, you bring a garden of God’s goodness, and by walking as a temple of His truth, you illuminate the narrow road that leads to life so others can follow in His footsteps. As you answer the call to be His ambassador, the very nature of Christ becomes you and you are transformed into a living manifestation of Jesus, Who is the only source of unshakable hope!


Jesus, thank you that the garden of your goodness and the temple of your truth live within me. Help me to share them freely with others.


What kind of fruit is being cultivated in the garden of your life? Is divine truth being preached from the temple inside of you?


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  1. my eyes are aging so id like to ask if it is possible for you to make an audio version of each the daily devotional , i believe most people out there will welcome this idea! thank you very much, God bless

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