A God of Glory and Goodness

“In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord, high and exalted, seated on a throne; and the train of his robe filled the temple.”

– Isaiah 6:1

When King Uzziah died, an era of prosperity and growth for Judah was slowly coming to an end, and Isaiah, a young prophet who had looked up to the king, continued to worship the Lord and seek His presence. On a day not unlike any other, he was in the temple; it was quiet, dark, and reverent until a great trembling was felt throughout the building. Just then, a scary presence came over the room and it began to fill with smoke. Before long, the sound of the word kadosh, which means holy in Hebrew, was heard again and again in unison, almost like a roaring river. Suddenly, in the darkness, a piercing light beamed through the smoke and the train of a great robe was visible, descending from a massive throne. The whole temple was filled with the Lord’s glory, and seraphim, whose name means “the burning ones,” flew around like beams of fire chanting “kadosh, kadosh, kadosh.” It was no doubt extremely terrifying albeit majestically amazing all at the same time. 

My friend, God’s glory is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced or can even imagine. His radiance, power, might, and splendor are enough to make any person tremble in fear. Juxtapose His holiness with the tender love of a father and the intimacy of your closest friend and you have no other option than to praise Him. Your Lord is incomprehensibly glorious yet full of tender loving care and kindness. He knows every word you will ever say before you say it, counts every hair on your head, and calls you by name, all the while governing the entirety of the universe. Spend time meditating on that truth, worship the One who fills everything in every way, and you will be forever changed!


Jesus, I acknowledge your holiness and worship you with reverence and awe.


How would you have felt if you were in the temple with Isaiah when the Lord’s glory appeared?

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