“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

– Luke 19:10

Since the beginning, God’s heart has been to go after the lost. Noah, although he is highly regarded in the Jewish and Christian faiths, is not esteemed as a prophet of the same caliber as Abraham, Moses, and David because he didn’t reach out to the ones who were perishing. While the Lord deeply loved him, Noah’s legacy would have been even greater had he sought to save those who mocked him as he built the ark. The attention paid to his unorthodox construction project might have presented a powerful opportunity to engage passersby in a conversation about the God who gave him the assignment. This stands in contrast to Abraham, who, when the Lord told him that He would destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, pleaded with Him to spare the city and to save the life of his brother Lot and his family. Likewise, Moses, when the Lord threatened to destroy the entire Hebrew population after they engaged in idol worship, begged Him not to do it. Then there was David, the man after God’s own heart, who also had a burden for the lost sheep of Israel and cried to His Heavenly Father many times for mercy on their behalf. You see, even before Jesus came to earth, the Lord wanted people to come into a relationship with Him, and He elevated the leaders who actively pursued those who were perishing and rewarded their willingness to go after them.

My friend, there has never been a better time to seek after the lost. While you may not be able to interact in close proximity, because of the Holy Spirit’s power, you can bring the presence of the Living God to people in small yet impactful ways everywhere you go. A simple smile as you’re out for a walk, a heartfelt “thank you” expressed to workers at the grocery store, or a deed of kindness shown to an elderly neighbor — each of these has the potential to break down barriers and introduce precious souls to the One whose love casts out all fear. Like Jesus, go into the world and proactively engage those who need a Savior by letting them know that they are loved, seen, and accepted, just as they are!


Jesus, I want to go after the lost. Use my life to show others that they are seen and loved.


How can you seek after the lost and hurting, even in the midst of this strange time?


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  1. “A simple smile as you’re out for a walk,”….. will not be seen if you are wearing a “fear mask” The mask is a symbol of submission to fear!

    Jesus did not go into the world wearing a mask….

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