“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

– Romans 8:28

As I’ve studied and taught the Bible, I’ve learned that the Word of God is a hyperlinked document. Now obviously, I don’t mean that literally since the term hyperlink originated with the internet, but what I do mean is that everything in Scripture is correlated. Since most Jews had the Torah and the rest of the Old Testament memorized, when they heard teaching on a particular subject, their minds immediately jumped to other Biblical texts that dealt with the same topic. If a Rabbi spoke about an eagle, for instance, the listener would be able to recall multiple other verses that mentioned eagles, and this would give him or her a cultural and contextual understanding. In knowing the Scriptures so well, Jews could behold consistencies in God’s Word and see that everything in His story had a place and a purpose. Likewise, since we now have the entire canon of Scripture, we can see that each book of the Bible points to Jesus in its own unique way, and this gives us confidence in the Lord’s steadfast and consistent nature. It also assures us that, like His written word, our lives are composed by the Author of the Universe and that each chapter, while unique in its circumstances and situations, is hyperlinked to the rest. When viewed holistically, our existence tells a powerful story that proclaims the faithfulness of Jesus Christ.

My friend, you have a hyperlinked life, and every season allows God’s call to unfold in new ways. Though you have been rattled and shaken in these uncertain days, remember that ALL things work together for good when you love Jesus and devote yourself to His purpose. These trials, while temporarily eclipsing your view of the horizon, are building an ongoing narrative of the Lord’s goodness in your life, and though your circumstances have shifted, His character has not. What is being formed in you right now is precious and deep, and it’s shaping, refining, and strengthening your nature so you can embrace future chapters with boldness, confidence, and full assurance of faith!


Jesus, thank you for using each season of my life to write a story of your faithfulness. Help me to trust your goodness, even when I can’t see it.


Looking back on the different chapters of your life, how has God linked them together for good?


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