A Kid in God’s Kingdom

“Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

– Luke 18:17

Now that I’m a dad, I understand all the more clearly why Jesus said that it’s best to receive His Kingdom like a child. There’s a level of trust and unquestioning faith my kids have when they interact with me that teaches me how to fearlessly and shamelessly approach my Heavenly Father. You see, when Haven or Cohen has something on their mind, they don’t “beat around the bush” or worry about offending me, they simply blurt it out. If they have a question, they ask it, and if they don’t understand or like my answer, they let me know. Likewise, if they need something they can’t get for themselves, they approach me with the expectation that I’ll take care of it. While it can seem almost too simple to fathom — especially if we didn’t have a positive experience with our parents — this is the type of relationship the Lord wants to have with us. We’re the King’s kids, and we’re not held at arm’s length or relegated to spiritual nannies. On the contrary, we have direct access to God the Father through our friend Jesus, and He welcomes us at any hour of the day with any kind of request. Like a child who needs a drink of water at three o’clock in the morning, we can enter our Abba Father’s presence without fear, knowing that He is always ready, willing, and able to take care of us. 

My friend, you are a kid in God’s Kingdom, and He has granted you unhindered access to Him at any time through the Holy Spirit! No matter how raw your request or how honest your observation, He welcomes you to sit at His feet, dance freely in His care, and pour your heart out in His hearing. Since He is a good Father, He only gives good gifts to His children, and regardless of how downcast or defeated you feel, you are never alone. While the rest of the world decries doom and gloom, you are safe in your Daddy’s keeping, and He promises to provide for, protect, and prosper you. Stay safe in His lovingkindness, hold tightly to His steady Hand, and He will water the seeds of hope He’s planted in the depths of your heart so others can experience His wonders. 


God, thank you for being a loving Father who gives me the safety and security to live unashamedly in your presence.


How might knowing that you are a kid in God’s Kingdom change the way you interact with Him? 


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  1. Thank you are the only competition to all the clips on our culture and our Covid challenges that makes sense…

    This point in history will go down as a adaption to change straining to hear God’s voice from all the excuses and distractions that we see and hear…

    Thank you for being that voice for the globe.

    Ron Kinch Black Diamond, AB Canada and God Bless your election.

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