“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

– Matthew 6:33

I know this verse is familiar, and that’s good, because it’s really important, especially in the times in which we’re living. After watching the world be turned upside down by an unexpected pandemic and witnessing the instability and heartache it’s caused on many levels, a lot of us have been forced to embrace a paradigm shift. Much of what we’ve put our hope in for a long time has been removed, and the Lord has peeled back the layers of worldly security that we unknowingly held on to. In the absence of certainty in the areas of health, freedom, and finances, we’ve come face-to-face with not knowing what the future holds — and my prayer is that it’s driven us straight to the heart of God. You see, the wonder of being a follower of Jesus is that we’ve been granted citizenship in a Kingdom that can never be tossed or shaken. While everything around us is subject to change, we have an immovable home with Him, and now is the time to anchor ourselves in this truth. In fact, the more we focus on what’s eternal, the more we’ll flourish, even as the world succumbs to fear. That said, there has never been a better time than today to evaluate our priorities and shift things around to make seeking Him our most passionate pursuit.

My friend, I encourage you to surrender that which has no eternal value and commit yourself afresh to keeping your eyes fixed on your Savior. Pray for a mind that wholeheartedly desires Him, and let Him lead you to the most joyful, fulfilling, and abundant path. Even if it means giving up a few earthly comforts, willingly turn them over to the One who delights in providing all that your heart yearns for. Now is the time to make Him your deepest longing, and as you do, He’ll build your life into a source of hope, comfort, and refreshment to others in an uncertain and scary world.


Jesus, I pray for a Kingdom perspective in the midst of uncertain times. Give me eyes that see through the lens of your priorities.


Do you have a Kingdom perspective? Are there areas of your life that you need to adjust or pursuits that you need to surrender?

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  1. I used to receive the daily devotionals but I am unable to donate. Does this disqualify me from receiving them? I really enjoy your weekly broadcasts.

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