“Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.”

– Romans 14:19

As we continue our series on eternal living, the second element that eternal living gives you is a life of peace. Peace with God, and peace with your neighbor. So many of the compulsive behaviors we have in life are because we don’t have any peace. Yes, we’re not at war physically, and we’re not involved in hand-to-hand combat, but inside our minds we carry a lot of turmoil. This is why we run to drugs, alcohol, or that old relationship we shouldn’t go to. Sometimes we give up on life, or we fall into other traps that will entangle us and keep us from tranquility. We don’t have peace within. 

How can you have peace in God’s world if you’re not at peace with God? You have to be at peace with God through Christ crucified, and you have to be at peace with your neighbor by forgiving them. Yes, it’s annoying that you have to forgive bad people. There are plenty of people in this world that don’t deserve forgiveness. But guess what? It’s so much better to just let it go. Give it to the Lord, and forgive. Vow to live a life of peace and contentment with God, and with your neighbor. That’s something we can all do!

Friend, it’s important and OK to pause and think about someone who has bothered you, hurt you, or betrayed you. If you can’t say, “I forgive you,” you can at least say this: Lord, help me forgive him or her. Help me, Holy Spirit, to forgive others, because you forgave me. This act of forgiveness will open the door for more peace in your life, and you’ll enjoy eternal living in God’s Kingdom!


Father, thank you for helping me to forgive others. Show me how to let go of hurt.


Is there one person you need to forgive? Have you asked the Holy Spirit to help you forgive others?

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