“May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands.”

– Psalm 90:17

Here are some uplifting thoughts to consider as you begin your day: Within Himself, God is all-sufficient; He is all-joyous, all-powerful, and all-loving. There is no one in the world who is happier than the Lord. Even better, He is thinking of you, knows your name, and can count the number of hairs on your head! Wow! I know my children and adore them, but I can assure you that I have no idea how many hairs they have on their heads. Nonetheless, Jesus pays attention to these details. He is close by, not far away, and He possesses all of the money, time, energy, and power required on this planet. Even more, He wants to be constantly connected to you, providing for all of your needs as an outpouring of who He is!

Friend, you don’t have to be defensive, protective, or spend life with clenched fists, trying to hold on to what you have because God is abundant in goodness, generosity, and joy. Instead, you can maintain a posture of open hands, knowing that your Heavenly Father’s plenty is greater than any deficiency you could ever perceive. You can be generous with others because he is generous with you. The more you internalize the depths of His majesty and sufficiency, the more you can offer without fear of depletion to your neighbor. There is nothing you pour out that He cannot and will not replenish in a larger amount, whether it’s time, energy, or resources! His resources are boundless, and as you lean into His sufficiency, your life will take on even more depth, richness, and meaning! Isn’t that an amazing thought?


Jesus, I pray for your guidance as I try to spend my life with open hands rather than closed fists. I want to be generous with what you have given me and believe in your ability to provide for me completely.


Do you live life with open hands or closed fists?

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