“Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.”

– Daniel 6:10

There’s no doubt that my favorite Old Testament book is Daniel. There are many things about this passionate prophet’s life that inspire me, but perhaps none as much as the fact that although his circumstances were nothing like he thought they would be, he never wavered in his faith. He was a great, great, great, great grandson of King David, and before his exile to Babylon, he was set apart to do big things in Judaism. Considered an earl among Hebrews, he was extremely gifted — and the Babylonians knew it — so when they captured him, they took him to the palace to serve their king, Nebuchadnezzar. Suddenly thrust from a place of safety and familiarity into a pagan world, Daniel was presented with numerous edicts that might have convinced him to compromise his convictions. However, never one to waver, he refused to violate God’s law for the sake of worldly power. In fact, the Bible tells us that he went to prayer three times a day to give thanks to the Lord, even though he was on a difficult path. Because he consistently came before the source of his strength and kept his heart humble before Him, he was filled with supernatural wisdom and surrounded by divine favor. Since he made prayer a habit, Jehovah did more through his unwavering trust than he ever could have fathomed.

My friend, power and influence come through habitual obedience. The Lord knows what’s best for you, and as you consistently yield yourself to His ways — even when it requires immense courage — He will protect, strengthen, and elevate you to places your mind can’t conceive of. You are set apart to make a difference, and when you come to Him in prayer each day and say “yes” to His plan for you, the exceeding and abundantly great things He accomplishes will make a difference that echoes for eternity. Build your life around His priorities, petition Him for help, and He will anoint you with a strength that overcomes every kind of human opposition!


Jesus, like Daniel, help me to form habits that keep my life oriented around you.


Do you have a consistent habit of prayer in your life? If not, how might you cultivate one?

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  1. Please pray for me -have a-fib – have blood clots – have sinus inflammation due to Afrin rebound – very hard to breathe at times due to heat and humidity now – nasal passages are swollen – left leg and foot swell a lot lately – sometimes the right too- have balance problems due to chemo=need total healing from head to sole – I really enjoyed seeing Israel through your programs. Thank you for your prayers. God is great! He healed me of stage 4 colon cancer. May God bless you and your families.

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