“And I have promised to bring you up out of your misery in Egypt into the land of the Canaanites, Hittites, Amorites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—a land flowing with milk and honey.”

– Exodus 3:17

Over the next few days, I will share the value and importance of having concrete, long-term goals for your life and how this is a significant objective that God wants for us. It’s called the promised land, and it’s a major cure for what ails many of us today. If you want to get to the promised land in your life, you cannot fix your eyes on the desert, the weather, the scorpions, and the sand. 

What is the promised land? In the Bible, the Promised Land was a special place God had for a special people who had been freed from slavery and who had to walk across a desert to enter a place God called a land flowing with milk and honey. Milk and honey symbolized prosperity. We can get through a desert if we know we’re going to a promised land. But for so many of us, all we can see is the desert, and so all we want to do is escape the deserts we find ourselves in, whatever way we can.

Friend, God wants you to go through a process while in the desert, but He doesn’t want you to do it without a promise in your heart. The promise God has for you will pull you through the process you’re undergoing. Having a process right now in and of itself can be tiresome, boring, complex, and stressful, but having one with a promise from God, a reason, a destination, makes it all worth it!


Father, I want to get to your promised land for my life. Show me a promise from Your Word that will encourage me through my process.


Do you look to the Bible for promises to sustain you through your journey? How does this help you achieve your goals?

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