A Refreshing Christian

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.”

– Proverbs 11:25

Have you ever stood by a waterfall on a hot summer’s day? If so, then you know what a relief it is to feel the splash of crisp, cool water on your warm skin. Unfortunately, residents of the ancient city of Laodicea, to whom Jesus wrote a letter in the Book of Revelation, had no such source of refreshing in their midst. Though they were a hub of trade (kind of like the Wall Street of today), the 150,000 people who lived in that place had no clean water to enjoy. Instead, they were forced to go to other towns to find it. Thankfully, just a few miles to their north was a city called Colossae, and there was located a fresh and beautiful mountain spring that was a source of hydration for many of the region’s inhabitants. In fact, knowing this is critical to understanding Christ’s intent in the message He sent to the Laodicean church (Revelation 3:14 -22). When He reprimanded them for being neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm — like the water of their city — they would have immediately grasped what He was referring to. Unlike what many have taught, I’m convinced that to be cold wasn’t to be indifferent to the things of the Lord, but to be a source of refreshment to others — to be so filled with His Spirit’s love that any encounter was like a splash of crisp water on a parched and weary soul. On the other hand, to be lukewarm was to lack this restorative and people-blessing passion.

My friend, as a believer, you are a source of rejuvenation on the planet. Your redeemed spirit — filled with His love — is like a drink of icy water on a blistering hot day. As you let your light shine before people in a dark and scary world, your passionate zeal touches their hearts and reminds them of the goodness of God. By surrendering your need to be someone you’re not and simply letting the Holy Spirit shine through you, your soul becomes a spring of life that wells up and spills over to everyone you encounter. You are cold, not because you’re indifferent to your Savior, but because His Living Water is invigorating your spirit and equipping you to uplift others.


Jesus, thank you for filling me with your Spirit so I can share your rejuvenating presence with other people every day.


Does your life refresh others? Why or why not?

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