A Season of Eating Manna

“The Israelites ate manna forty years, until they came to a land that was settled; they ate manna until they reached the border of Canaan.”

– Exodus 16:35

Many of you today are in a season of eating manna. Allow me to explain: In the Bible, God’s servant Moses leads the children of Israel out of Egyptian slavery, through the wilderness, and to the Promised Land. In this transition, God provides this bread from heaven called manna. It keeps the people alive but isn’t a great meal. 

Maybe you’re in this place today, an in-between wilderness where you’re not in slavery anymore, but you’re not in the Promised Land either. You find yourself in-between point A and point B, and you’re wondering, God, I have this dream, this desire that I feel you’ve put in my heart, but I’ve been waiting so long. When will I get there? That in-between space for many of us can be a scary and uncomfortable time. Sometimes it can be a boring experience and we just want something exciting in our life. But today, my hope for you is to see the manna that God is providing to you as a promise. Be assured that the Promised Land is coming; something better is coming for you.

Friend, my encouragement to you is to relax and trust Him in the in-between place that you’re in. These are the times when God says to us that we ought to depend on His words and character more than ours. It’s a time in which faith is so important because we know that we serve a good God who’ll get us where we need to go. Let the manna that God is giving you now be a promise that better things are yet to come.


Father, help me to trust you in life’s in-between places. Thank you for the promise that something better is coming.


Have you been uncomfortable in an in-between place? How did you trust God when you were uncomfortable?

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