A Showcase for the Glory of God

“‘Neither this man nor his parents sinned,’ said Jesus, ‘but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.’”

– John 9:3

Yesterday, we talked about the debilitating view that misfortune in our lives is a result of the sins of previous generations, and we looked at how the cross of Jesus sets us free from the concept of punishment. But what about pain, disability, or negative circumstances? How are we, as Christians, to view such adversity? I believe the answer is to have our Savior’s perspective. As the Lord continued teaching His disciples about the truth that the man blind from birth was not that way because he was cursed, He uttered a very powerful statement: “This happened so that the works for God might be displayed in Him.” With these bold words, Jesus infused hope into the situation as He shifted the focus from the man — who was helpless— to Himself, the One who possessed the might to accomplish his full healing and restoration. While no earthly force could make the beggar see, his disability presented a perfect opportunity to showcase the glory of God. Even today, when human limitations are surrendered to Christ and expectant faith in His ability to multiply them is maintained, He steps in to do the miraculous and otherwise impossible. Because He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He is still able to restore what’s broken and bring divine purpose to human pain. 

My friend, whatever obstacle, trial, or disability you’re facing, see it as an opportunity for God to show Himself strong in your weakness. Instead of focusing on the misfortune of your situation or getting stuck in the sludge of self-pity, purpose in your heart to shift your paradigm, and view limitations as a means for the Lord to display His unlimited power. When Satan tries to discourage you, allow your Savior to pull you out of the pit, and invite Him to constantly renew your hope in His greater plan and purpose. Your deepest pains are a doorway to His presence, and as you surrender your challenges to Him, Jesus will strengthen and help you in ways you never thought possible. 


Jesus, thank you that my struggles and limitations are actually an opportunity for you to display your glory.


What challenge stands before you today? How can you shift your perspective and invite the Lord to meet you in it?


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