“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

– John 15:5

Yesterday, we talked about how the Lord uses pangs of discomfort to help us see that He’s birthing change in our midst. That said, when we feel like something new is on the horizon, it’s important not to let uncertainty cause us to stagnate. When we said “yes” to Jesus and were born again, a cataclysmic event took place that set our existence on a whole new course — one that finds us constantly in motion. God makes the ball of our lives roll forward, and as we abide in Him, He renews our spirits and consistently moves us to places where we’ll bear the most fruit. Knowing this, we’re wise to keep up with the pace He sets and not lose our momentum because of fear. When He stirs in our hearts to step out in faith and make a change, we should prayerfully take Him at His Word and do it, without too much analysis or overthinking. This is because, when we stay in step with His Spirit, it has a snowball effect, and our willingness to make a move always activates other needed shifts. In fact, sometimes staying put too long not only prevents us from inheriting His best, it impedes the progress of those around us. Just as one tiny motion can cause an avalanche, when we obediently act on God’s promptings, there’s no telling how great a change it will beget for the people with whom we interact.

My friend, don’t let fear of the unknown keep you stuck. Your momentum comes from the Spirit of the Living God, and He wants you to move forward into more of His goodness and glory. When He stirs in your heart to make a change, flow with His currents and trust Him to orchestrate all the details. In every season of transition, He is working to accomplish more than you can ask for, think, or imagine, so place your confidence in His omniscience, and let Him use your obedience to bless and impact others.


Jesus, help me to step out in faith when you prompt me to move so that your momentum changes my life and the lives of others.


Have you ever made a divinely-inspired move that set other needed shifts in motion?

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