“The hearts of the wise make their mouths prudent, and their lips promote instruction. Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”

– Proverbs 16:23,24

Many of us are very blessed by the Lord! In your heart, you acknowledge that on paper, you’re a winner. Outwardly, you have it all: your dream job, an amazing company, a full bank account, friends, and a healthy family and body. You know you are making progress in life, but at times, it feels like you’re losing. Can you confess that you feel that way sometimes? You’re achieving what you want to achieve, but somehow, it feels like you’re losing.

Let me suggest that you may have fallen into the number one trap that can ruin and spoil a perfectly successful life. The number one thought that causes this ruin is envy. But nobody likes to admit they’re envious or jealous. A better word to describe this is comparison. This activity is when we compare ourselves to someone with something we want. They have the clothes, the car, the house; they have the kind of spouse we want to be married to or the friends we would like to have; they go to the places we want to travel to; they have the education, the awards, the achievements we want to achieve, that’s envy. As a general rule, at times we all struggle with this.

Friend, you and I need a spoonful of sugar, don’t we? It will help the medicine go down and help us deal with the intrusion of comparison. When we compare our lives to others, it spoils the God-given victory. It is possible to be thankful for what God has blessed another with. Believe that our God respects everyone and blesses everyone and He can bless you with His exceeding and abundant blessings as well!


Father, keep me from letting comparisons influence my actions and thoughts.


Are you confident that God can bless you abundantly and exceedingly?

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5 Responses

  1. Thank-you for this reflection of teaching I use to watch your program weekly life got busy n moved but I forgot as we age n grow in christ it is more of him n less of me forgetting this can make one compare n become disappointed n dissatisfied even if God blessed them with health wealth n an abundant life that is when mistakes are made again I Thank-you for reminding me again

  2. Thank you Beaux!
    Thank you also for teaching – “Your ego is not your amigo” that I am reminded of when reading this. This truism re: ego is very helpful to me.
    My the Sword be with you Bobby and blessings for / to you and your family –

  3. I think that I am unique and an individual in all that I do, I compare with things I have in common to a point of relating with it? As I know everyone and the times of the past our written for us to relate with in the bible! This is I think so we can learn from these people or and times by what they did and how it happen, then take note of that result? Are we not to be more like Christ, even though we know we are not? But learn what He did to become more like Him, we need to know. Is this a comparison to influence my actions and thoughts? Yes, but to be the same as, would mean to share the same fate, would it not? But rather not make the same mistakes we have the ability to correct them. I have had many things that others want and even steel to have them, yet I forgave them, however, envy is not one of them. I think that soft quite voice which speaks to me, keeps me from that kind of thinking and wanting, I just have to obey, but if I do it without listening first, I have run into problems, these are the mistakes people do whenever they have no patience, thankyou God for patience. Amen.

  4. Oh yes most definitely.I am confident that God can bless me abundantly and exceedingly. There is so much.All of us should remember who we are and not to compare ourselves.It doesn’t matter whether or not there is wealth or poverty.Or dwelling in upscale housing.
    What matters is this.God loves us.Blessings to all at Shepherd’s Grove.Peace.Love and good health to the Schuller Family.Amen.And May God bless America

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