A Temporary Opportunity for a Permanent Gift

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

– James 1:2-4

Remember when you’re lacking in health, money or time, it’s not a sign that God is against you, that you’ve sinned or that something bad is coming your way. He doesn’t reciprocate your sin by cursing and hurting you. If He did, then the cross would be in vain and His grace would be worthless. Even in barren seasons, He loves you and He wants to bless you.

A time of material loss is simply a temporary opportunity for a permanent gift. We all have moments in our lives when things go wrong and we lose something that we hold dear, whether health, money, a job or a relationship. In the Kingdom of God, trials are always temporary and in their duration, He gives us something far greater – treasures in Heaven. You see, heavenly treasure is not just gained when we die, it’s for today, too.  Every setback is an opportunity to learn more about Jesus and to obtain something far greater.

In our Father’s world, things always happen for a reason and no season of loss is without a purpose — one that we discover when we keep our eyes focused on Jesus, the author, and perfecter of our faith.


God, thank you for redeeming my trials and for making every difficulty in my life a temporary opportunity to receive a permanent gift.


What are you going through right now that is testing your faith? How can you reframe your perspective to one of trust in God’s goodness?

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  1. Dear Pastor Bobby Schuller. I do believe in God’s greatness. and His Love. I have taken care of my husband for 5 years.. November He had a stroke and went to the hospital.
    My daughter offered for me to be with her living at their home. It was 2 hours away from where my home is. My husband agreed to going there for Rehab and i could visit him. The other thing was is that I needed Surgery. My home was not in the best of shape and I was in the country. I did not want to be alone. also I was at the end of wanting to continue taking care at home……A relative of his and I talked about things that he had saved for His family. I butted up against her and had to stop any one else to go on property. She took it as I was not going to give their thing back. They proceeded to tell my husband that I was gong to take everything. Paper work for them to have Power of attorney and he wrote up a document that was like an estate directive for him with claiming Deed. this made a double Deed since the home was joint. I had to go to Lawyers and to make sure I got half I filed for a divorce. The divorce will finalize what the family gets and what it mine. I am not worried about everything I left. Estate planning is so important and showing what the relatives get and etc. My husband tried to do it earlier, but too much (property was going to the relative State rules said no. He would not do it over. Now there is not excuse.
    Through my nights of grieving and visiting him. I was released of seeing him and God taught me how to surrender. Some times I would say Lord I surrender this and this and take my hand and put my burden on the ground and I am surrendering this. it took a few times. thank the Holy Spirit as I prayed in my spiritual language.. I settled down and then could sleep These things happened often at night for a while.The Lord would relieve me and help me. He showed me His power and Love.
    He asked me to Bless the family members that were involved. Does that mean I fought that, yes. But as I started praying I learned to Bless them. As they needed help too. My daughter and son’in’law are Christians and have helped me so much. My Son in Virginia sent for me to see His Wife and him as a gift so that I could see my 1st two Granddaughters Tina’s daughter a granddaughter and Great Grandchildren . What a wonderful trip. The east coast is so pretty and their home is comfortable. I loved it. Also I had a knee Surgery which is healing well. If one thing I could do, I wish to get this type of thing that when money or things are in the Balance, there are relatives that come. My husband kept that alive with them. He could have made it possible for them to have these things before. It was his responsibility all along. I am enjoying more peace and found a church close by that I will get involved because I can meet close friends. Also 2 hours away I have friends that I can go see by the Central Coast. I praise the Lord for His Mercy and Love and Help. Blessings to my children and friends. Jane Osborne

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