A Time to Think and A Time to Do

“May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us — yes, establish the work of our hands.”

– Psalms 90:17

There is something to be said for not thinking too much. There’s a time to think, and there’s a time to do. I am reminded of a story that was shared with me about John Wimber. John was a Christian author, pastor, and a founding leader of the Vineyard Movement. Line by line, verse by verse, he studied scripture. Whenever he reached the healing passages, he asked why healing doesn’t happen anymore. He didn’t see the same thing happening today as it did back then. In the early church, healing was consistent. He wondered what’s to prevent it from happening now.

So, the first thing he did when he started praying in his small group was to start with something small. He simply prayed for elbows. Yep, elbows, so that they could all truly believe in it. Therefore, whenever someone felt pain in their elbows, they would pray for their elbows to be healed. Guess how many people were healed as a result of this? Nobody! In the end, they decided to just keep praying for elbows for as long as it took. They eventually received their elbow miracle, and they were ecstatic! That was miracle number one! This was the beginning of a ministry that was full of many, many miracles in the years that followed.

Friend, that is what we call the law of averages. You just keep taking action over and over and over again, and eventually you will get a winner if you just keep on doing it. Don’t think when it’s time to do, and don’t do when it’s time to think. It is important to learn the difference. You will find this persistence to be a great blessing in your life!


Father, help me to be persistent in trusting your promises.


Is there ever a time when you overthink a solution to a problem?

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  1. yes i have been praying over and over about things. Satan is still in me. i have been praying over and over about many things for many people not just for myself every day for healing,every day for help for others. i have been donating to help others. i am pretty much at home. hour of power and the other ministries i watch and donate to. i try to help people when i am out at times when things come up it is not very often though. thank you again your brother in Christ Jesus. tom

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