A Vision-Oriented Culture

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”

– Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

Though we established yesterday that culture is actually superior to vision when it comes to leadership, vision is still critical — in fact, it helps to create culture. Knowing this, it’s important to communicate our “big picture” goals to our families, teams, and employees so they can become part of making them happen. Having a clear vision contributes to an atmosphere of ingenuity, innovation, and independence, because when everyone knows where they are heading, they have permission to break the rules to get there. On the other hand, organizations that are not guided by a master plan work only to maintain the status quo. Their answer to every new idea, inquiry, or anomaly is “Well, the rules say…” or “We’ve always done it this way.” Blanchard and Hodges call this the “quack quack” model in their “Lead Like Jesus” series, and they refer to policies and procedures that esteem bureaucracy over people (think of the DMV or post office). In such environments, even if someone comes to their manager or supervisor with a game-changing suggestion, they’re likely to hear in response, “But our rule is…quack, quack, quack.” Unfortunately, this lack of vision not only harms the company and team, but it often keeps individuals — made in the image of God — from living up to their full potential.

My friend, don’t be so devoted to following the rules that you miss the new and exciting things the Lord is doing in your midst. Keep your vision for the future in the forefront of your mind, and never be afraid to try something different to get there. Your Savior has called you to do greater things than He did, so let your heart be enlarged by His dreams and enlist the help of others to make them a reality. You are made to walk in freedom, and you will flourish when you embrace your potential, seize divine liberty, and then impart it to people!


Jesus, I want to embrace a personal and professional culture that’s willing to break the rules because it values your dreams.


What is your vision for your life and leadership? How can you impart it to others?

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  1. Awesome. Pastor Bobby! I was just thinking I need to be aware of all forms of communication and stimuli. We will be missing out if we do not include every possibility. Your right to say that, that is how innovation happens. When we get discouraged, we need to focus on our vision plan.

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