A Wise Person Loves Correction

“Those who disregard discipline despise themselves, but the one who heeds correction gains understanding.”

– Proverbs 15:32

There is a Biblical principle that states, “A wise man loves correction, but a fool hates correction.” You may consider yourself to be a fairly wise person with a good amount of life experiences. But let me ask you this: On a scale of one to 10, how would you rate yourself on how much you enjoy being corrected? Would you answer a seven or eight? I have a great test for you to determine your wisdom level. I would like you to ask your spouse or someone close to you how much they would rate your appreciation of being corrected on a scale from one to 10. There is a distinct possibility that your number might go down a little bit!

Speaking of wisdom, yesterday I mentioned living a crucified life. Crucified lives are also ones who crucify the ego, the image, and the mask, and it simply says, “I am going to seek God’s wisdom in my life.”  You have come to the realization that your life gets better when you get better. When things around you change, it doesn’t mean that you will have a better life — it is only when you become better that your life gets better. Therefore, in order to gain wisdom, I encourage you to relinquish your ego.

Friend, here is an amazing thought: There’s no limit to how good your life can be. You can have unlimited spiritual power in your life. The difference between you and that life is one word: Wisdom! It’s about continuing to grow. I want you to grow in hidden places. Develop in areas you can’t brag about. These are things only you and the Lord know about. Grow to love wisdom, take your time, and you’ll experience a better life.


Jesus, show me how to accept your correction and continue to grow as a result of it.


Is God allowing you to grow in hidden places?

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  1. I have to say if correction is what this is I was sick of it a long time ago. I am 71 years old now. This has been going on for 47 years and before that I was using drugs when I was in the army 1969 to 1971. I end up in an army hospital and then in a VA hospital. Satan says I am being punished by Him. Do you think you would want this I do not think so. Have you ever been punished for anything. I do not enjoy it. I heard about this years ago and believed it. When is it going to stop. I do not care about what proverbs said anymore. There is Satan speaking again in my mind. He says it is helping. It is just His excuse for doing this to me I do not buy it.His threats have destroyed my faith in God. Do you understand. tom Thanks for all the help you have been giving me.

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