A Worthwhile Question to Ask

“Even if they sin against you seven times in a day and seven times come back to you saying ‘I repent,’ you must forgive them.”

– Luke 17:4

Today, let’s acknowledge that the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ has made you into a new creation. You are forgiven, redeemed, and most of all, you are loved. How many times will God forgive you? That’s a worthwhile question to ask. God will forgive you the same amount that He asks you to forgive your neighbor, which is limitless. Does this seem reckless and unfair? The answer is absolutelyit’s literally a hack or a “cheat code” for your spiritual life. We can always lean on the cross which wipes away our past and gives us a fresh start. 

We don’t intend to sin or hurt others, it just happens. Each of us desires to be better at the activities we put our hands to; the labor of our lives. We all desire to be a better person, husband, wife, parent, or grandparent. We desire to improve in our moral lives, and in our relationship with God. At times, we will fall short! Our inner voice may say, “You’re such a mess-up,” or maybe you hear the voices of religious people from your past saying the worst, meanest, cruelest things to you. Did you know God does not say any of those things to you? He says to you, “This day, brush your shoulders off.” He also says, “I love you.” 

Friend, God loves re-do’s! He’s into it! God loves seeing you pick yourself up after you mess up. Yes, we have to address the mistakes we’ve made, and we need to take responsibility for our lives, but God is rooting for us! God always sees your potential. God sees the best in you.


Father, thank you for continually supporting and loving me.


Do you know God sees your potential? Is there someone you have to continually forgive?

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