“Remain in me, as I also remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.”

– John 15:4

Yesterday, we talked about receiving grace from God to get us through tumultuous times and allowing Him to be our source in the midst of uncertainty. Today, I want to focus on why I believe this is so important. Beyond being what’s best for us, keeping Jesus at the center of our field of vision enables us to be a light in the darkness for others. There are certain times in history when any act of kindness, reason, or compassion speaks ten times as loudly as at any other, and this is one of them. With so many focused on survival, anyone who proactively loves others will be noticed. I’ve mentioned before that of all the prophets in the Old Testament, there are two — Noah and Jonah — who were not considered great by most rabbis. The reason for this is because they didn’t go after the lost. While saying yes to God’s instructions was “technically” enough, the Lord favored the ones who purposefully pursued the people who were perishing. While your temptation may be to conserve energy and hold your cards close in these draining days, this is the perfect time to bountifully plant seeds of goodness, gentleness, and love in the hearts of others. But remember, this will only be possible if you remain in Christ and spend your days abiding in His strength and sufficiency.

My friend, as you stay close to Him, Jesus will empower you to be the light in someone else’s darkness. Though you feel worn, your grace, kindness, and compassion are needed in the world today like never before. In fact, when you spend just fifteen or twenty minutes a day “checking in” with those who are in your midst or on your heart, the eternal impact will be immeasurable. The Holy Spirit wants to use you to give voice to His good purpose, and He has granted you the wisdom, hope, and joy that hurting souls desperately desire. Keep abiding in His presence, and your Savior will fill you with strength so you can bear fruit that makes the lives of others much sweeter!


Jesus, I pray for strength as I abide in you today. Out of the overflow that you provide, help me to bless others.


How can you bless someone else today?


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