Empowering Millions With the Hope of Jesus for Over 50 Years...

Many people who tune into the Hour of Power each week aren’t familiar with the over 50 years of history standing behind Pastor Bobby Schuller. From the very beginning, our ministry has been on the cutting edge of bringing the Good News of The Gospel to those outside the church walls, and Pastor Bobby Schuller continues this legacy by staying true to our mission:

To impart the dignity of all people through the teachings of Jesus and to offer them a place of hope, healing, and belonging.

The first Hour of Power program, featuring Dr. Robert Schuller, was televised in 1970 on KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles. Within a year, the broadcast, which was the first televised church service in history, had expanded to many other states across the nation and eventually to five continents.

Today, millions of viewers tune in to watch Pastor Bobby Schuller and the Hour of Power broadcast for uplifting music, encouraging interviews, and inspiring messages designed to help people live a life of meaning as they become happy and whole students of Jesus.

We at Hour of Power are excited about this new season, which finds us passionately ministering the message of God’s love and dignity to millions, as we look forward to further growth and expanded influence in the coming years. Building upon our rich past, we are walking boldly into the future with full assurance of faith, believing that what is to come will be greater than what is behind. As possibility thinkers with hearts full of hope, we are confident that our best days are ahead of us, and we invite you to come join us. 

50 Years of History.
Millions reached.
Christ celebrated.
Lives changed.

For over five decades, Hour of Power has been sharing the positive hope of Jesus Chris with the world. As the first-ever weekly televised church service, we’ve been a home to the lonely, lost, and hurting since going on the air in 1970.

Meet Our Team

Bobby Schuller

Bobby Schuller is lead pastor at Shepherd's Grove Presbyterian Church in Irvine, California, and the host and preaching pastor of Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller, a television ministry that broadcasts around the world. Bobby graduated from Oral Roberts University in 2003, received his Master of Divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2008, and is an ordained minister. He is the author of the books, Imagine Happiness, Happiness According to Jesus, and You Are Beloved. Bobby has appeared regularly on other television shows, such as Canada’s “100 Huntley Street,” TLC’s “The Messengers," and TBN's "Praise." Bobby resides in Orange County, CA, with his wife Hannah and their two children.

Hannah Schuller

Hannah Schuller regularly appears on The Hour of Power, most often reading the Scripture lesson. Hannah was born and raised with five brothers in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After working as a graphic designer for six years and attending Chapman University for Creative Writing, Hannah is now a stay-at-home mom and assists her husband Bobby in any way needed.  Hannah says, “I love and cherish being a part of this life-changing ministry!”

Russ Jacobson

Russ Jacobson is the Executive Pastor of Hour of Power and Chief Operating Officer of Crystal Cathedral Ministries. Russ appears on the program from time-to-time during the prayer and offertory segments. Russ holds a B.A. from UCLA and M.Div. from Fuller Theology Seminary. He is also an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church USA. Russ lives in Orange County with his wife Deanna and their three children.

Chad Blake

Chad Blake is the Executive Pastor of Shepherd’s Grove Presbyterian Church and regularly appears on Hour of Power. Chad holds an M. Div. from Fuller Theological Seminary, an MBA from Baylor University and has served alongside Bobby for over a decade. Chad lives in Orange County with his wife Hillary, son Lewis, and daughter Ivy.


Director of Communications

Sarah Grandpré​

Director, Voices of Hope Children's Choir


Executive Producer


Director of Donor Experience



Catherina Plaza

Human Resources

Dakota Shyres​

Executive Assistant to Bobby Schuller


Tech Director - Head Audio Engineer

About Bobby Schuller

Bobby Schuller, the grandson of Dr. Robert H. Schuller, serves as the lead pastor of Shepherd’s Grove in Irvine, California. He is also the president of Hour of Power, the ministry’s weekly televised church service, which has been broadcast to millions around the world since 1970.