“What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them?”

– James 2:14

January is a time we often spend setting goals, working toward resolutions, and trying to become the best version of ourselves. To that end, I want to give you an important tip today that I believe applies in many different areas of life, but especially where it concerns carrying out our calling as disciples of Christ: actions overcome feelings. As we resolve to walk out our identity as God’s temple, or the vessels in which He dwells, we will be required to step out of our comfort zone to minister to others. Whether this means putting aside our own schedule to help a friend, giving of our resources to assist someone who is going through a rough time, or simply taking a few moments to offer a kind word or gesture to a stranger, the truth is that we might not “feel” like doing it. However, as we make conscious decisions to work through our emotions and take action, we’ll be amazed by how blessed we are. Abundant life doesn’t come through feelings, but rather through a series of consistent choices to do the right thing. The more we build the muscle of our faith by putting it into practice, the more we’ll gain the energy and momentum needed to continue living as reflections of the Lord’s light.

My friend, you are the hands and feet of Jesus in this world, and nothing can detract from the weight of your impact. The devil will always seek to convince you that you’re too tired, too busy, or too stressed to make a difference, but when you step out in trust instead of succumbing to your feelings, He will energize your heart and add His fuel to all of your efforts. The more you make time for what’s eternal, the more your life will overflow with the fruits of His Spirit. As you live every day with intentionality and purpose, your Savior will fill your heart with deep and abiding joy, and your spirit will be anchored by a peace that prevails over every earthly circumstance!


Jesus, thank you for empowering me to put my faith into action, even when my feelings aren’t in alignment. Use me to make a difference in the lives of others this year.


How might you be able to bless someone else today, in spite of the weight of your own emotions?

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