Adoration Expressed Through Music

“Jesus answered, ‘It is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.’ “

– Luke 4:8

As we conclude our series on adoration, consider how adoration is expressed through music. If this were a seminary class, I’d ask you, “What are ways in which you worship God?“ The most important one to me personally, and perhaps you too, is music. Often it’s hard to see how embedded music is, even in the Bible, and what music does for the soul. There’s never been a great movement that didn’t have its own music, or a thriving church that didn’t have wonderful musicians and singers. Music changes our minds and souls, and it can draw us to great experiences.

In every culture, there is a love of music and singing. The Lord has always invited music into the temple, synagogue, church, and your home. In some ways, the distraction of technology has made it hard for many to become Christians, but there’s also an incredible benefit because we can listen to worship music in our car, our house, or as we move about. There’s something about worship music that softens us, transports us, and goes straight past the mind into the heart. There is no reasoning around it.

Friend, at the end of the day, find a way to adore and worship the Lord. Don’t be blocked by the cares of this world or the busyness of life. Make time to show God that you’re seeking Him and that you love Him. You will notice how this will bring the kind of joy you need to get through the trials you may go through in life over time. Adoration will sustain you and give you deep roots to bring you through the storms of life.


Father, help me to slow down and make time for worship. I want you to know that I love you.


Has the busyness of life distracted you from times of worship? Do you enjoy worshiping God through music?

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2 Responses

  1. Yes, music is so important in our worship of God. It is the only universal language which allows people of all nations, cultures and backgrounds to be joined together through the bond of music and musical worship. But think about this. Music is based on time (meter, tempo, rhythm, etc) However, time does not exist in heaven. So when we leave this earth and enter the heavenly realm we will experience music in heaven that will be far different and far more beautiful than anything we can compose or hear today.

  2. Please remove me from your daily Positive Minute daily devotions.

    I have been blessed by your sermons and your music program up until this year when the “flavor” seems to be leaning in a flip manner and not as in depth. I love humor, but not hen it crops up at random in the middle of a sermon.

    After watching your TV show for a number of years, I have switched to more expository-themed preaching online (David Jeremiah and Robert Jeffress).

    I’m sorry,

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