“For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day.” – Exodus 20:11

Sunday helps us get out of the rat race. It helps us get out of the motions. It helps us get out of the routine where every single day is the same. Sabbath allows us to look at our work week as a stage. When you go to work after Sabbath, you’re not just going to go to work. You’re going to work with a calling. That there is a sort of hidden agenda in your work to inspire others, to encourage others, to lift others up. Maybe you will share your faith with someone or pray with someone. You are to be the light of Christ everywhere you go, and that’s what Sabbath does. It realigns you with that. When you realign yourself every Sunday, or whenever it is that you take your Sabbath, you ought to be getting a vision. You should be getting a sense of purpose for the rest of your week. You are filling your tank up with energy and power to be world changer. The birthplace of vision and dreams is not in the work, it’s in the rest. Too often we think that rest is not productive. We think that nothing good comes from rest. It’s a waste. It’s lazy. Sometimes it is, but I believe when we rest, that’s when we very often get the biggest vision for our lives. One of the purposes of your rest on Sunday should be getting a vision for your week. You should be dreaming about good things that you can do in the week ahead. What are the ways you can help others, or do better in your job, or honor God in the things you do. Rest is the birthplace of vision and dreams. Use the Sabbath to recharge for the next week ahead!

PRAYER: Dear Lord, thank you for making rest a priority. As I begin this week, help me to remember to balance work with rest. Help me to make this coming Sabbath a priority and to honor you when I observe it. Amen.

REFLECTION: Do I allow rest to be the birthplace of visions and dreams in my life? If not, how can I be more disciplined about balancing rest with work to allow for those visions and dreams?

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